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'I Smell It On You' Hope, a young woman in college, visits her Auntie Lucinda a beauty store owner and Witch. As a college student navigating independence for the first time, Hope needs her Auntie Lucinda to diagnose and remedy her pelvic discomfort properly. However, Auntie Lucinda has felt a bit neglected by her niece. Can Hope withstand her Auntie and the beauty salon's magical antics? Or will the two remain in conflict forcing Hope to ask her Parents for help?

If you are reading this, you are being asked to support an independent film put on by Marie Thomas. Marie is an independent Writer, Producer, and Director who has shared her work through freelance publications, a book sold in stores, and over 650 ticket holders for her well-received original production of 'The Noir Door' a play shown in Denver and New York City.

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Cashapp/Paypal/Venmo: mariefromthe303

Thank you for the continued support!

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