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Travis Sheridan

Community Designer

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Travis Sheridan has spent his career as a community designer. In various professional and personal roles, he’s focused on creating environments that stimulate thinking, engagement, and capacity building. While this is often manifested in the creation of physical spaces, he uses art to accomplish similar goals. 

Travis is originally from California, but has lived in St Louis since 2012. He is the proud designer and owner of the first shipping container house in the City of St Louis and calls Old North St Louis home.

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These are a few awesome people that have helped me along the way.

Lawrence Benally

Graphic Designer


Lawrence is a full-time graphic designer from Denver, Colorado that has worked with dozens of clients to help them achieve their small business goals by developing visual identities that stand out. He has worked on all sorts of projects: motion graphics, book covers, vending machines, vehicle decals, metal business card bottle openers, brochures, podcast cover art, and websites.


He is studying graphic design at Community College of Denver and is currently working towards an Associates of Applied Science in Graphic Design.

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