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Latest Work

Welcome to the projects page. Here are the most recent projects.

Publications include: Five Points Atlas, Westword, CPR News, and Denverite.

Sometimes we're our own worst enemy. Follow this group of young men as they commit an armed robbery.  Screenplay written by Marie. 

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After nearly a year and half in the house I can understand our urge to celebrate, drink and gather in large social settings. However, I just have one question for you...Why are we celebrating?..

Every year on June 19, communities around the United States mark Juneteenth, the date the last 250,000-some enslaved African-Americans were freed in the United States, in Galveston, Texas, two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed....


What’s key to a successful orgy? Community. Or at least that’s how the creators of Denver’s newest sex-positive app, Playlove, see it...


Maya Thomas read a poem decrying gentrification and the displacement of communities of color in Denver...

Months into COVID-19, I re-downloaded Tinder for the seventh time this year. I had sworn off it, swearing the app would never see my phone again. But after mindless scrolling through my Instagram...

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