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The Munchies with Mimosas & the Vibes with the Park

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

You may find yourself like me. A young black person wanting to socialize with other interesting young black people.

More specifically you may find yourself like me in that you are a young black person venturing in to social spaces in Denver or emerging cities. This piece is for us.

This past weekend I attended two popular events; Vibes in the Park and Munchies and Mimosas. In all honesty, I have nothing bad to say. No negative critiques of the hosts and hostesses. No shade to throw at the fellow sisterin and bitches in attendance. No bashing of the black men and niggas who joined. I was quite happy to see everyone there.

I didn’t witness not nere a fight or loud argument. I didn’t feel unsafe or wildly uncomfortable. In fact I felt in a sense, i was surrounded by distant family.... one large incestuous family.

I recognized only but one, maybe two gentleman who had seen me naked at these lovely events. However, after revising my weekend in my head i couldn’t help but wonder. How many people in this room hooked up with 20 individuals here or more, or who has engaged with multiple friend groups, or perhaps a set of cousins, or had their first sexual encounter with someone at this event. In essence I pondered, in a legitimate city like Denver where the existing black population is small... does everyone fuck everyone? If so, it’s all good...right?

I have no idea how many people here have had relations with others, but I’m certain a large portion of us have.

When informing my father of my weekend he related some things to me, did his best to put me on various game but the conclusion was pretty clear. According to him, since the 90s, black Denver has been rather tight knit. I giggled at the notion that while at Munchies or Vibes, there were people present whose parents probably knew my parents and so on. It’s those harmless realizations that make Denver feel familiar thus safe, but also small, thus limited.

However, the silver lining is there, no doubt. Denver is like many historically small cities throughout the country doing its best to grow. With growth comes more creativity and members of the black community. Through the originality of Munchies and Vibes as well as new acquaintances and a nice ambiance, a black renaissance is more than possible in Denver.

This is good! I’m trying to renaissance my way in to some dick I haven’t seen before.

Kidding... but also dead serious.

Look there’s no shame in dating or hooking up with some of the same people. Like hello, take a look at Hollywood?? Celebrities date all of the same people all the time. And Erykah Badu, I’m positive all of her baby daddy’s have kicked it with, or without her. I don’t say this to be sarcastic or mocking, I say it because it’s refreshing.

We don’t own the people we like and have sex with. It’s unfair and it can make for awkward situations. But only if you let it.

In the future, I look forward to attending more cool events with more gorgeous, interesting, good hearted black people. Who knows, i could meet my future husband/best friends future baby daddy/ sister’s fiancé next time.

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